A Quick Update on Episode 100

We want you to be our guest for Episode 100 and we're going to be giving away a bunch of awesome gear including a Mountain Hauler 6200 from SITKA Gear for your contribution to the show. 

Listen to all the details and send an email to info@therookiehunter.com if you'd like to be a part of this special episode. 

Thank you for all your support and for making 100 episodes possible. We couldn't do it without you guys. 


Mike & Kelly 

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Episode 97: capturing the hunt with connor gabbott
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On this episode, Mike and Kelly sit down with Connor Gabbott from Talus Creative to discuss photography and filmmaking in the field.

Capturing a hunt can be a difficult task, but the photos we bring back are often the real trophies of our time spent outdoors and always worth the extra effort. Connor breaks down equipment, techniques and even shares some simple tricks for your iPhone that will help you bring home better images. He also leaves the guys with some excellent advice for their August sheep hunt. 

If you have more questions about capturing your hunt, get in touch with Connor on Instagram @taluscreative

Episode 96: Clothing Sytems with Sitka Gear's Corey Piersol

On this episode, Mike and Kelly welcome back Corey Piersol from Sitka Gear to discuss clothing systems. There's a lot of science that goes into each piece of clothing you wear, and Corey breaks down what you might want to consider when investing in clothing for your next big hunt. 

The guys use their August sheep hunt as an example and find out what they need for a hunt where weather conditions are extremely unpredictable. They also get into backpacks and finish things off with a good ole hunting story. 

If you'd like to see what Mike and Kelly are currently using for their clothing systems, go to our website and click on the gear tab

If you’re ready to get yourself into some new gear for 2019, head over to sitkagear.com

Episode 95: Rhino Darts
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On this episode, Mike and Kelly return to the studio to discuss, shooting rhinos with darts, caribou, wolf bounties, equipment, and spraying herbicides on B.C.'s forests. 

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Episode 94: Shane Mahoney

On this episode, Mike and Kelly welcome back Shane Mahoney for his second appearance on the show. Shane gives an update on the Wild Harvest Initiative, jumps into some conservation topics with the guys, and shares another incredible story. 

You can find more information on the Conservations Visions website or from their Facebook page. We'll keep you posted on the Wild Harvest Initiative as more information becomes available and share their new website when it goes live. 

Episode 92: Sheep Show

On this episode, Mike and Kelly give an update from Reno a few hours after touching down in Nevada, talk about their travels, hint at a few guests and visualize Kelly's journey to success in Friday's backpack race. 

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Episode 91: Ageing Sheep

On this episode, Kelly guides Mike through the steps of ageing sheep as they prepare for their northern B.C. sheep hunt in August. They also chat a bit about southern B.C.'s mountain caribou herds and where things are at with the remaining few. 

You can check out the Guide to Understanding Sheep Ageing HERE

Last Stand - The Vanishing Caribou Rainforest can be seen HERE 

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