Episode 112: Heather Kelly

On this episode, Mike and Kelly chat with Heather Kelly from Heather's Choice and discuss how starting a dehydrated food company lead her to becoming a hunter. 

If you haven't check out Heather's Choice, they make some of the best dehydrated backpacking meals available, including their now famous Packaroons plus a range of delicious breakfast and dinner options for your next adventure.

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Episode 110: Dodgers & Hoochies

On this episode, Kelly talks to Danny Coyne (BCFishn) and Jason Webster (Fish Biologist) about Kokanee in BC's Okanagan region and the importance of anglers and hunters when it comes to conservation. Warning: this episode may be interrupted by a bent rod!

Episode 107: Dog Days

On this episode, Mike and Kelly meet up after missing a week in the studio. You'll hear the four-legged reason for the delay, some more input on packing for sheep country, a limited entry hunting concept that has been implemented in one region, and even a bit of sports talk....