80: Endangered Steelhead

BCWF Calls for the Interior Fraser Steelhead to be Listed Under the Federal Species at Risk Act (SARA)

The BCWF wants goals set for steelhead and salmon stocks on the Pacific Coast to ensure that their genetic diversity and habitats are preserved. Government must support immediate implementation of the recommended COSEWIC listing for Thompson and Chilcotin steelhead and follow the Species at Risk Act (SARA) regulations to save this iconic species from extinction.

The BCWF believes receiving proper protection under (SARA) will be more effective than the current approach. Steelhead and other many at-risk marine fish species are managed by DFO through the Fisheries Act. Scientists have found this alternative approach to be flawed and concluded that it provides inadequate protection for the endangered fish. DFO developed the 2009 Sustainable Fisheries Framework to manage commercial fisheries using what is described as a precautionary and ecosystem-based approach.

How You can Help Interior Fraser Steelhead to be Listed Under the Federal Species at Risk Act:

Read BCWF full news release on this initiative Here.

Complete the survey on the emergency listing of Interior Fraser Steelhead Here.

Submit your comments via email Here.

Use the sample letter prepared by the BCWF to send to your MLA Here.

Sign the petition to oppose gill netting E-1795 (FISHING INDUSTRY) Here.

(This petition is open for signatures until November 24th, 2018 at 9:06 a.m. (EDT)

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