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About the Show

Launched in May 2016, Rookie Hunter is a hunting and outdoors podcast hosted by British Columbia residents Mike and Kelly. The original concept involved documenting the journey of two rookies from their first hunt at 29 years old. It quickly became apparent that while entertaining, the platform was also educational in nature. With a willingness to learn and listen to multiple perspectives, Mike and Kelly continue to grow as hunters, conservationists and outdoor athletes.

Listeners engage vicariously as the hosts discuss their adventures, successes and failures, while guest interviews provide insight from industry professionals, experienced hunters, conservationists and brand representatives.


Mike and Kelly's story is a bridge for hunters and non-hunters, helping to increase conversation about the relevance of hunting in a modern world. With thousands of listeners tuning in each week, Mike and Kelly realize that they have an obligation to provide hunters with the tools, knowledge and level of respect that comes with the pursuit of wild game. Safety and fitness are key ingredients to success outdoors and are a focal point throughout the show.  Each year, they continue to push their physical and mental abilities so that they can travel further and pursue the wildest experiences. 

The logo was inspired by the Woodland Caribou which is quickly disappearing from BC's landscape. It is a pledge from the hosts to increase awareness and dedicate their efforts to preserving and protecting wildlife in British Columbia, North America and beyond. 

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The Wild Sheep Foundation. The Wild Sheep Foundation saw an opportunity with Rookie Hunter to reach a young and dedicated demographic, to increase their memberships, and to raise awareness about current issues related to wild sheep conservation. WSF began sponsorship on July 2018 and has committed to working with Rookie Hunter as a title sponsor for a two-year term.


North Arm Knives is a small knife manufacturer in the greater Vancouver (Canada) area. A Father and Son team, John and Mike make knives for those passionate about food and their cutting tools. The company is named after the North Arm of the Fraser River near where they live. North Arm Knives has been a continued show sponsor since December of 2016.