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Slik Pro 624CF

In terms of weight, optics are a top offender on any multi-day backpack hunt. Problem is they are essential and good glass is heavy. If you’re looking for weight savings in this category, focus on your tripod.

Backpacking is a game of trade offs. My last tripod was a Vortex. It did the job. Great value, strong, and tall. It also weighed about 4.5lbs and after our last 8 day trip I knew it wasn’t coming with me on another.

Que the Slik Pro 624CF. This tripod is a backpacker’s dream. It’s small and light, yet strong enough to handle your spotter with confidence. The twist locks are quick and easy and the center column can be removed if needed. This little gem weighs in at 1.8lbs and costs approx. $220US. You’ll need to add a head which costs a few more coins and some weight, but overall you should be able to shave at least 1.5lbs off your current setup. A huge difference when trying to keep you pack in that 60lb range.

Maximum Operating Height: 44.7in / 1135mm

Minimum Operating Height: 3.5in / 90mm

Maximum Center Column Exten.: 8.3in / 210mm

Folded Length: 14.0in / 355mm

Weight: 1.81lbs / 822g

Number of Leg Sections: 3

Maximum Load: 7.05lbs / 3200g

Leg Lock Type: Twist Lock

DSC00780 1.jpg