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A podcast based out of British Columbia dedicated to hunting, fishing, wildlife conservation and the great outdoors.

Episodes 76-90

Episode 84: A Few steps in the right direction

On this episode, Mike and Kelly enjoy a few cold ones in the studio, answer some questions and chat about conservation and land access in British Columbia. 

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Episode 83: Hunting Season Comes to a Close

On this episode, Mike and Kelly finish up the pig, reflect on the 2018 season, discuss plans for sheep hunting, and answer some Instagram questions.

If you're interested in butchering a pig, here is the video Mike used to guide him through the process:youtube

Episode 82: Knowing where your food comes from

On this episode, Mike and Kelly are joined by Wayne Molnar to discuss the pig harvest. 

Episode 81: West Coast Blacktail Hunt

On this episode, Mike and Kelly are in the studio to answer a few listener questions, talk about Kelly's LEH doe tag and Mike's trip to the west coast over the weekend to film and hunt black-tailed deer. 

Episode 80: Moose Hunt Recap

On this episode, Mike and Kelly are in the studio to do a recap on their 2018 moose hunt in central British Columbia. They'll go over some of their thoughts on what they could have done differently, what elements might have changed the outcome of the hunt, and how they'll approach the 2019 season after this experience. 

Episode 79 - The 2018 Moose Hunt

On this episode, Mike and Kelly are joined by Kevin Snider and Kyle Scott for their 2018 moose hunt in central British Columbia . Throughout this episode, you'll hear field updates, sounds from the area, and each hunters thoughts on the trip, the area and all the challenges they encountered during the hunt. 

Music on this episode came from Tiger Moon. To hear the full album "Cariboo & Whiskey" click HERE.


Fresh from their central B.C. moose hunt, Mike and Kelly meet up in the studio to cover a few topics that won't make next week's moose hunt episode and also cover some of their hunting plans for November. 

Episode 77: Self Processing with Sitka Gear’s Corey Piersol

On this episode, Mike and Kelly chat with SITKA Gear's Corey Piersol. Corey has been processing wild game for a number of years, and takes us through his process of making sausages and snack sticks from home. He also touches on some basic clothing care that'll extend the life and performance of your outdoor gear. 

If you’re interested in picking up some SITKA clothing for your next big hunt, head over to

Episode 76: Last Minute Preparations

On this episode, Mike and Kelly get together in the studio to discuss last minute packing, meal prep and final plans before hitting the road and heading north for their British Columbia moose hunt.