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A podcast based out of British Columbia dedicated to hunting, fishing, wildlife conservation and the great outdoors.

Episodes 61-75

Episode 75: Chronic Wasting Disease

On this episode, Mike and Kelly tackle Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) after hearing that the disease recently showed up in the province of Quebec. CWD is something that we as hunters need to keep a close eye on, especially today as it continues to pop in new locations throughout North America and even Europe. 

They also jump into lighter topics including bone broth, a recent hunt and somehow moose testicles manage to make their way into another episode. 

For more information on CWD please check out the links below that were used as references while researching this topic. 

CWD Map March 2017

Chronic Wasting Disease - Information For Hunters - Alberta

Chronic Wasting Disease - BC

Wildlife Health Matters - BC

Chronic Wasting Disease Alliance Website

Moose Testicle Recipe - Travel Food Atlas

Episode 74: Wild game with Friends

On this episode, Mike and Kelly are back in the studio to discuss the results of last week's hunt which involved black bears, rattlesnakes, a good downpour and an injury. They also discuss the joys of cooking wild game for family and friends.

Episode 73: A Trip Into The Backcountry

On this episode, Mike and Kelly load up their packs and head for the backcountry in search of mule deer and elk. You'll hear some thoughts from the trail and a discussion while glassing open terrain. 

Episode 72: A Ban on Moose Hunting in BC?

On this episode, Mike and Kelly discuss opening day, a proposed ban on moose hunting that could impact their October hunt, sighting in their rifles, next weeks' hunt and Kelly's spring bear is finally off to be processed. 

For more reading on the proposed moose hunting bans, please head over to our website's blog where we've posted related articles. 

episode 71: Inland BC Oysters

On this episode, Mike and Kelly dive into Sober September and discuss a wide range of topics including pigs, moose testicles, and final preparations for hunting season. 

Episode 70: The Jurassic Classic

On this special episode, Mike and Kelly packed up the truck with cold beer and recording equipment and headed west to Chilliwack, BC where they attended the Jurassic Classic.

The Jurassic Classic is an annual fishing experience on the majestic Fraser River. Various teams from across North American Wild Sheep Foundation Chapters and Affiliate clubs as well as several Safari Club International and other wildlife conservation groups attend each year with the goal of friendly competition and collaboration on conservation issues.

You’ll hear from guests such as the Wild Sheep Society of BC’s Chris Barker and Kyle Stelter, Wild Sheep Foundation President and CEO, Gray Thornton and Sitka Gear’s very own Corey Piersol.

To learn more about the Jurassic Classic, please head over to their website:

The music featured in this episode is from My Kind of Karma and their album "Beautiful Little Fools" 

Episode 69: Back from the Fraser River

On this episode, Mike and Kelly share a few clips from their weekend at the Jurassic Classic. President and CEO of the Wild Sheep Foundation, Gray Thornton talks about why you should become a member, and Chris Barker from the Wild Sheep Society of BC clears up some information on M.Ovi. The guys will also cover some thoughts on their October moose hunt as plans start coming together and the hunt draws near.

episode 68: Adam Foss

On this episode, Mike and Kelly sit down in the studio with Adam Foss. Adam is a well-known and accomplished bowhunter, co-founder of Foss Media, filmmaker and photographer. The main topic of discussion is sheep hunting as Mike and Kelly start to consider their plans and options for 2019.

For more on Adam and to check out some of his work, head over to

And follow him on Instagram @fossman8 

Episode 67: Injured Dogs, M. Ovi, Forest Fires & Moose Plans


On this episode, Mike and Kelly are in the studio once again to discuss a wide range of topics including injured dogs, M. ovi, forest fires and moose hunting. 

episode 66: Mark Hall

On this episode, Mike and Kelly sit dow in the studio with Mark Hall. Simply put, Mark is passionate about conservation, wildlife and hunting…in that order. He also holds a master’s degree in environmental science, is a Professional Agrologist and a retired Professional Forester. The guys cover a wide range of topics, but focus on what it means to be a modern conservationist in North America. 

For more on Mark Hall and some great reads, head over to his website

Episode 65: Beginners Guide to DIY Backpacking Meals

On this episode, Mike and Kelly cover the pros and cons of pre-packaged dehydrated meals and dive deep into preparing your own meals and snacks for multi-day trips in the backcountry. 

The granola bar recipe mentioned can be found HERE

Episode 64 - E-Bikes and New Cooking Techniques

On this episode, Mike and Kelly are back in the studio to cover a wide range of topics including e-bikes, and some new cooking techniques. They also discuss some ideas for new fitness challenges as they prepare for an October moose hunt and try a new beer with a mixed message...

episode 63 - we won the lottery

On this episode, Mike and Kelly return to mountain side with the dogs and a few cold ones to discuss their new plans for 2018.

episode 62 - Spring bear hunt part ii

On this episode, Mike and Kelly return with part two of their first spring bear hunt of the season. If you haven't listened to part one, make sure to jump back and listen to that one first. 

You'll hear the results of the hunt, and some concluding thoughts on what the guys learned from this experience.

Episode 61 - spring bear hunt part i

On this episode, Mike and Kelly head out for their first bear hunt of the season and record from the field. You'll hear their thoughts on what some would consider a controversial hunt, and how their idea of bear hunting has evolved over recent years.