British Columbia is home to more species of living things than any other Canadian province. Rookie Hunter is positioned to experience a lifetime of adventures in diverse topographic and climatic environments.

Listeners engage vicariously as Mike and Kelly discuss their adventures, successes and failures. Guest interviews provide insight from industry professionals, experienced hunters, conservationists and brand representatives.

Mike and Kelly's story is a bridge, facilitating conversation about the relevance of hunting in a modern world. With thousands of listeners tuning in each week, they provide listeners with the tools, knowledge and ethics required in the pursuit of wild game. Each year, they continue to push their physical and mental abilities so that they can travel further, pursuing the wildest experiences. 

The Rookie Hunter Podcast follows the successes and failures of two new hunters as they explore the BC backcountry and learn the essentials of becoming successful outdoorsmen. The podcast also features a range of guests including experienced professionals, seasoned veterans, and other rookies. Don't let the name mislead you, the podcast has something for everyone including the most experienced hunter. 

The show covers a wide range of topics which include but are not limited to:

  • hunting and fishing 

  • hiking and backpacking

  • equipment, product suggestions and reviews

  • butchering, processing and cooking wild game

  • backcountry camping, safety and survival 

  • wildlife conservation and habitat protection

  • ethical hunting and fishing practices

  • healthy and active living

  • interviews with experienced professionals 


iTunes Reviews

“I came across this podcast earlier this week and blasted through all of the episodes in a few days. It was great and left me wanting more! I’m a 36 year old from the Vancouver that has recently signed up to get my gun license and do the CORE training. I would highly recommend this podcast to any hunter, young or old. It’s jam packed with lots of tips and tricks. Mike and Kelly seem like good, down to earth dudes who explain all of their experiences (good or bad) Thanks guys! Keep up the good work.” — Aaron Pilgrim Canada

“As a newer hunter myself, it is enjoyable to listen to people go through the same starting process that I have. Excellent info throughout the episodes. Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned veteran, this should be a podcast that you give a listen” — Josh-Jitsu USA

“I’m happy I stumbled across this podcast. I’m a rookie hunter hunter, this will be my first season, and I’m starting late in the game as well. I’m 41. It’s helpful to hear the trials of others who have been through the same process. ” — SilentJay 1975 Canada