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A podcast based out of British Columbia dedicated to hunting, fishing, wildlife conservation and the great outdoors.

The Guests

A list of guests we've featured on the show:

Cody Rich from the Rich Outdoors.

Ryan Callaghan from First Lite Clothing and MeatEater

Dr. Adam Ford, a Wildlife Biologist from the University of British Columbia

Jesse Zeeman from the BC Wildlife Federation

the guests


Aron Snyder. Aron Snyder is known throughout the industry as one of the foremost experts in backpack hunting, gear and survival. He’s the chief designer at Kifaru International, co-founder of backpack hunting hotspot and co-host of the Grittybowmen podcast. Aron is also a professional photographer and outdoor writer and you can see his work in multiple hunting and backpacking articles and magazines industry wide.

Primitive Outfitters

Jeff Lander. Originally from Washington State, Jeff moved to British Columbia in 1988. Jeff has been a bowhunter most of his life, and in 1994 he decided to pursue his passion and started Primitive Outfitting. He now guides hunts in both Alberta and British Columbia for some of North America’s top hunters including MeatEater's Steven Rinella, First Lite Clothing's Ryan Callaghan, and Gritty Bowman's Aron Synder.

Ryan Callaghan with a big BC bull on a Primitive Outfitting hunt.

Ryan Callaghan with a big BC bull on a Primitive Outfitting hunt.

Cody Rich. Cody is an Oregon based hunter and host of The Rich Outdoors Podcast. For Cody, the adventure, pushing the limits, discovering the unknown, and becoming the best he can be is what it's all about and through his podcast he's able to share what hunting is and what it means to be a hunter. Now at 100 episodes, The Rich Outdoors has been host to some of the biggest names in hunting, providing both experienced and inexperienced hunters with an amazing resource to learn from the best and hear some great stories from those that have dedicated their life to the sport.



Ryan Callaghan. Born and raised in Montana, Ryan grew up fishing and hunting as much of the state as possible. He fell into guiding naturally and has been able to see some amazing places because of it. In 2011, Ryan traded in his truck bed for an apartment; his seasonal life for a spot with First Lite in Ketchum, Idaho. Working as the marketing manager at First Lite has been incredibly gratifying. He gets to exercise his brain, work on filling his freezer and still guides a trip or two.


Kelly asked Ryan about his Moose encounter with Steven Rinella in British Columbia. Here's more behind that story.

Video Credit: MeatEater TV

Photo Credit: MeatEater

Photo Credit: MeatEater


Dr. Adam Ford. Adam is an assistant professor of restoration ecology and nominee for a Tier II Canada Research Chair. Dr. Ford has published over 20 peer‐reviewed papers on ungulate‐predator ecology in East Africa, trophic cascades, and the effects of disturbance on carnivores, deer, and elk in the Rocky Mountains. He is now leading new research on human‐wildlife conflict and predator‐prey ecology across British Columbia.  



Jesse Zeeman. Jesse is a guy who wears a lot of hats, and he works hard to promote conservation and habbitat proctection. He works with the BC Wildlife Federation doing advocacy work for conservation and fish and wildlife managemt.