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511 Yates Road
Kelowna, BC, V1V 2X2


A podcast based out of British Columbia dedicated to hunting, fishing, wildlife conservation and the great outdoors.

First Lite Sponsorship

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Rookie Hunter Kifaru


Why First Lite? 

First Lite

First Lite gear can handle it all: West Coast fishing on Kyuquot Sound, stone sheep hunting in the Northern Rockies, Interior BC elk, mule deer, white-tail and black bear, flyfishing the Kettle River, and fresh tracks on the ski hill. It's innovative, well built, technical, and versatile.

In addition to providing top quality gear, First Lite values and vision resonate with Rookie Hunter. For us, it's about the adventure, the challenge, the lifestyle, and the ability to harvest organic food ourselves in an ethical manner. While these traits are common among most hunters, it is becoming increasingly important to educate the public, and in some cases our own hunting community on these narratives. A relevant narrative is essential to the future of hunting and the protection of the resources involved. We feel that First Lite is one of the entities on the forefront of this movement. This is displayed in First Lite's ongoing commitment to conservation and public lands, participation in the hunting community, and the culture of the First Lite team.

about the show


Launched in May 2016, Rookie Hunter is a hunting and outdoors podcast hosted by British Columbia residents Mike Pedersen and Kelly Molnar. The original concept involved documenting the journey of two rookies from their first hunt at 29 years old. It quickly became apparent that while entertaining, the platform was also educational in nature. With a willingness to learn and listen to multiple perspectives, Mike and Kelly continue to grow as hunters and outdoorsmen.

Listeners engage vicariously as the hosts discuss their adventures, successes and failures. Guest interviews provide insight from industry professionals, fellow rookies, long time hunters, conservationists and brand representatives.


Mike and Kelly's journey is a bridge between hunters and non-hunters, helping to increase conversation about, and relevance of, hunting in a modern world. Wildlife management, conservation and habitat protection issues are becoming more important everyday. With thousands of listeners tuning in each week, they realize that they have an obligation and an opportunity to make a difference. The logo was inspired by the Woodland Caribou which is quickly disappearing from BC's landscape. It is a pledge from the hosts to increase awareness and dedicate their efforts to preserving and protecting wildlife in British Columbia, North America and beyond. 

our reach

Rookie Hunter quickly became the highest rated Outdoor Podcast in the Canadian iTunes Store and has developed a strong and loyal following throughout North America.

Downloads per month have exceeded 20,000 depending on the number of episodes released, the featured guests and topics covered. The average episode will receive about 2500 downloads at release, however some episode will receive up to 9000 on iTunes alone. It's also worth noting that the episodes do not expire and will continue to be downloaded as our following continues to grow. Currently, 53% of downloads come from Canada, and 44% from the United States. We anticipate further growth in the US market as we continue to feature more American guests and topics.

With First Lite sponsorship we will deliver 4 episodes per month.

Why is podcasting a good fit for First Lite? 

"Podcasters and advertisers alike have long suspected that their listeners might just be a holy grail of engagement. The medium is inherently intimate, and easily creates a one-sided feeling of closeness between listener and host—the sense that the person talking into your ear on your commute is someone you know, whose product recommendations you trust, and whose work you want to support. Cox describes it as a “lean in” medium: “People are really listening and want to consume all of the content that is there and available. There’s a level of dedication that comes from podcast listeners that you otherwise don’t find.” And now the numbers prove it. Podcasts aren’t a bubble, they’re a boom—and that boom is only getting louder." - WIRED (

Sponsorship Pricing

Pre-Roll Ad

  • 45 second ad voiced by the hosts (see demo recording below)
  • plays at the beginning of each episode
  • 4 episodes per month
  • original music included - choose your genre 
  • product mentions and reviews on the show, website and through social media

Post-Roll Ad

  • 30 second ad voiced by hosts
  • plays at the end of each episode
  • 4 episodes per month
  • product mentions and reviews on the show, website and through social media

Where The Money Goes

Sponsorship funding will be applied to:

  • attending conservation and networking events throughout North America where we would promote First Lite products & apparel
  • production and travel to continually create and deliver inspiring content 
  • back to the brands that support us in the form of equipment purchases

Let's Chat!

We'd appreciate the opportunity to talk more in person about who we are and what a partnership with First Lite would look like. We're also open to any involvement ideas you may have. The bottom line is that we appreciate what First Lite represents and what you do for the community, we've tested and love the clothing we own, and we want to be a part of your team! You can reach us by phone or email.


phone: Mike (250) 801-8445 or Kelly (250) 718-0981