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511 Yates Road
Kelowna, BC, V1V 2X2


A podcast based out of British Columbia dedicated to hunting, fishing, wildlife conservation and the great outdoors.

Episodes 1-10

Episode Archives:

Episode 01 - Meet the Hosts

Episode 02 - The BC Wolf Cull

Episode 03 - Hunting and Social Media

Episode 04 - Cory Davy, a Fellow Rookie Hunter

Episode 05 - Hunting Advice from the Alaberta Outdoorsmen Forum

Episode 10 - Kevin Snider

On this episode, Mike and Kelly are joined by Kevin Snider and revisit the wolf cull debate, discuss whether or not camo is necessary, more on the bear hunt and Kevin's background as a fellow rookie hunter. 

Suggested Beer Pairing: Whistler Brewing Co.  - Whiskey Jack Ale

Episode 09 - The Black Bear Hunt Begins

On this episode, Mike and Kelly discuss the introduction of BC's new online LEH system, scouting for fall hunts, turkey hunting and the first official black bear hunt.

Suggested Beer Pairing: Four Winds  - Nectarous


On this episode, Mike and Kelly continue and conclude their discussion on essential gear. 

Suggested Beer Pairing: Four Winds Brewing Co. 


On this episode, Mike and Kelly are discussing gear! This is part one of a two-part series and they'll be sharing recommendations from the Hunting BC forum as well as The Alberta Outdoorsman Forum. 

Suggested Beer Pairing: Cannery Brewing - Stumbling Goat


On this episode, Mike and Kelly discuss their weekend cooking live crab, taking in the BC Interior Sportsman Show, their first attempt at making venison sausage, and the future of fish farming

Suggested Beer Pairing: Driftwood Brewery's Entangled Hefeweizen

Episode 05 - Advice From The Alberta Outdoorsman Forum

On this episode, Mike and Kelly share advice from the Alberta Outdoorsman Forum and make a pledge to clean up the mess left behind by a few bad apples. 

Suggested Beer Pairing: Tree Brewing - Hop Head IPA

Episode 04 - Cory Davy

On this episode, Mike and Kelly introduce their first guest Cory Davy, and discuss his first 2 years as a rookie hunter. 

Suggested Beer Pairing: Tofino Brewing Company - Blonde Ale 

Episode 03 - Hunting & Social Media

On this episode, Mike and Kelly discuss hunting and it's presence on social media, the impact of spreading misinformation, vegans and Mike pays tribute to the man that inspired him to start hunting. 

Suggested Beer Pairing: Wolf Brewing Co. Scotch Ale from Vancouver Island

Episode 02 - The BC Wolf Cull

On this episode, Mike and Kelly discuss hunter reputations, the controversial BC wolf cull, bear hunting and a brief overview of their top 3 equipment recommendations. 

Suggested Beer Pairing: Phillips Blue Buck from Victoria BC 

Episode 01 - Meet The Hosts

On this episode, show hosts Mike Pedersen and Kelly Molnar introduce themselves and share stories from their first season of hunting. 

Suggested Beer Pairing: Red Truck Ale from Vancouver BC